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Buying Jewelry for that Special Person in your Life.

You don’t know what to buy and where to start, but you do know it has to be something special for that someone special in your life. Most times the confusion comes from not knowing some of the basics about the person you are buying for.

1. To give a gift of jewelry that they will always remember you need to know what they like and more importantly what they don’t like. If the gift is for a special occasion then see what is traditional given at that time and ask yourself if your special person would really like that. If her birthday is in July but she does not like red then don’t buy her the birthstone for July, which is Ruby. Maybe a jewelry setting with another color of gemstone or even a diamond would be a wiser decision 

2. Will she want to wear it every day if yes then make it practical, buying an expensive Gemstone or Diamond ring with a delicate or high mounting is not a good idea as it can get caught or knocked and damaged.

3. Know what colours she likes to wear that can help you in deciding what color of gemstone would match her wardrobe, especially if its earrings or necklaces. Know her skin tone or dominant make up color as different colors of gold look better on different skin tones or make up colours.

4. You will need to know the size of her finger if you are purchasing if is to be a surprise present. If you can “borrow” one of the rings she wears you can take it to a jeweller who will be able to tell you the size. This way when you purchase your ring you can make sure it will fit correctly and she can wear it immediately.

5. If your special person has thin fingers then buy her a wider setting or smaller gemstone as larger gemstones on thin settings will have tendency to twist and turn. If you are set on a larger stone then have the jeweller modify the ring with the addition of 2 small spheres of gold soldered at 8 and 4 o’clock on the ring shank. This will allow the ring to slip over the knuckle but provide a tighter fit around the finger keeping the gemstone on top for everyone to see.

6. Earrings are an excellent choice then its important to know if she has pierced ears or prefers clip on mountings. Does she like long dangly earrings or does she prefer studs.

The following information will help you with special occasions and what is traditionally purchased, but the most important thing to remember is her tastes in jewellery and color. Buying her a Sapphire Ring instead of a Ruby Ring on her birthday in December because she does not like red is the right thing to do…………….tradition has its role but should not be the ultimate decision.

Month  Birthstone
January Garnet
February Amethyst
March Bloodstone, Aquamarine
April Diamond
May Emerald
June Pearl, Moonstone, Alexandrite
July  Ruby
August Peridot, Sardonyx
September Sapphire
October Opal, Pink Tourmaline
November Topaz, Citrine
December Turquoise, Blue Zircon, Tanzanite
Anniversary Year Gemstone
1st Peridot
2nd Red Garnet
3rd Jade, Pearl
4th Blue Zircon, Topaz, Amethyst
5th Pink Tourmaline, Sapphire
6th Turquoise, Amethyst
7th Yellow Sapphire
8th Tanzanite, Tourmaline
9th Amethyst, Lapis, Tiger’s Eye
10th Blue Sapphire
11th Citrine, Turquoise
12 Opal, Jade
13th Moonstone, Citrine
14th Agate, Opal
15th Rhodolite Garnet, Ruby
16th Red Spinel, Peridot, Aquamarine
17th Carnelian
18th Aquamarine, Opal
19th Garnet, Topaz, Aquamarine
20th Yellow Diamond, Emerald
25th Tsavorite Garnet
30th Pearl
35th Emerald, Coral
40th Ruby
45th Cat’s Eye, Alexandrite, Sapphire
50th Imperial Topaz
55th Alexandrite, Emerald
60th Star Ruby
65ht Blue Spinel
70th Smoky Quartz
75th Diamond


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