Known to the Ancient Egyptians as the “Gem of the Sun”, Topaz was believed to be colored by the golden glow of their sun god Ra, and thus a powerful protector from harm.

While the golden yellow and blues of Topaz are the most widely known, Topaz actually comes in a diverse array of striking colors, such as Pink. This when combined with its beauty, durability and surprising affordability, makes Topaz Jewelry ideal for all occasions.

If you are on a journey of spiritual change, Topaz is believed by crystal healers to make an excellent companion. It apparently teaches you to trust in the Universe, aiding you to fully recognize the magical laws of attraction, increasing your ability to manipulate them.

Its unique crystal structure makes Topaz a hard and dense gemstone and because of this pure clear Topaz has often been mistaken for Diamond. Topaz is found around the globe in Australia, Brazil, Russia, Sri Lanka, Japan, Nigeria, Mozambique, Pakistan, Norway and China.