An ancient gem, Sunstone has been discovered in Viking Burial mounds. Among the Vikings, Sunstone was thought to aid navigation both in reality and during ones journey to Valhalla and the afterlife. The Native Americans in Oregon used Sunstone for trade and barter. Oregon Sunstone was declared the official Gemstone of the State of Oregon in 1987. Crystal healers believe Sunstone to be useful for adding personal insight and alleviating depression.

Sunstone has a beautiful glittering sunlight effect as a result of its tiny metallic inclusions. The copper or pyrite inclusions cause sparkling flashes of light as millions of particles playfully interact with light. This feature is known as "Schiller" or “Aventurescence”. Sunstones are nearly always cut as cabochons to reflect this phenomenon, but the deeper colors may also be faceted to exhibit their superior lustre.