This exquisitely cut gemstone is Rose Quartz it has a very soft pink color and has been cut and faceted to provide you with the unique gemstone above. This Rose Quartz  has  exceptional clarity and color, two of the  most important aspects to consider when purchasing Rose  Quartz. Color varieties  from a very light pink to deep rose pink are available. A tough stone displaying beautiful colors, Rose Quartz is ideal for everyday wear, or as a collection piece

The ancients of India considered Quartz to have special properties as transformers as well as keepers of energy. To this day Quartz crystals are used universally in meditation, as they are believed to possess healing properties and other diverse metaphysical powers.

Folklorists classify Quartz as a receptive gemstone credited with the ability to attract positive energies, such as peace and love. The subtle energy of Quartz is said to balance the emotions, giving inner peace, harmony and enhancing the bonds of relationships. It is also said to calm aggression and increase self-esteem.