A true gem of antiquity, Moonstone is surrounded by folklore regarding its origins. An Indian sacred gem, Moonstone was once believed to be a magical solidification of actual moonlight. Distinguished by a stunning metallic blue shimmer, that dances across its surface as the gemstone is moved, Sri Lankan Rainbow Moonstone has revitalized the popularity of this increasingly rare gemstone.

Popular with the Romans, who thought it was formed out of moonlight, and in India, where it is considered a sacred zodiac gem, Moonstone is the most valuable variety of Feldspar. In India, Moonstone is believed to possess sacred properties including the ability to control temperament, erratic behaviour, insomnia and marital problems.

A symbol of the Third Eye, Moonstone was once believed to balance yin/yang, protect against epilepsy and sun stroke, cure headaches and nose bleeds, and ensure a high yield in crops. Today, crystal healers believe that it can help men open their feminine emotional aspects.