Kyanite is used by alternative healers as a tool for mediation and relaxation. These healers use Kyanite to open the third eye Chakra to enhance creativity, broaden perception and to reach a better understanding of others. Kyanite is also said to foster tranquility, having a positive effect on dreams, visualization and foresightedness.

Kyanite is a rare polymorph that displays two hardness’s within one gem. A unique characteristic among gem types, like Diamonds, Kyanite has perfect cleavage in one direction. This combined with its varying hardness makes Kyanite a challenging gem to cut – thus the quality of faceting for Kyanite an important value consideration. Like all gemstones, Kyanite should be treated with respect.

You will find Kyanite from countries such as  Austria, Brazil, India, Kenya, Myanmar, Serbia, Switzerland, United States and Zimbabwe