Kunzite, discovered in California in 1902, was named after Tiffany’s chief gemologist, G.F. Kunz. Aside from their obvious physical beauty, pink gemstones possess potent metaphysical properties. Alternative healers use a multitude of pink gems in conjunction with the “Heart Chakra”. The 4th of 7 energy points that run the course of the human body, the “Heart Chakra” is believed to carry the emotional sensibilities of love and compassion.

The Kunzite gemstone is generally found in larger sizes of up to 8 carats. Good colored and fine quality Kunzite in smaller sizes is not often found. This is the reason why the Kunzite gemstone is normally set in Kunzite pendants or larger sized Kunzite rings. The first find of the Kunzite gemstone was made in U.S. but, it was later mined in a few other countries like Brazil, Madagascar and Pakistan.

Above all, the appeal of this gemstone lies in its clarity and its fine delicate pink nuances which often display a hint of violet. These are delicate, tender hues, feminine and seductive. In order to make sure that the fine colour is shown to its full advantage, the cutter must align the raw crystal very precisely during his work. The reason is that depending on the angle from which you look at a kunzite, it can appear violet, pink or even colourless. Indeed some kunzites from finds in Afghanistan display a rich, strong violet, a light violet and a light green depending on the angle of observation.