Garnet has long been associated with fire, and was thought to possess the ability to illuminate the sky at night. Today, Garnets remain a symbol of faith, truth and light. This story from Grimms fairytales nicely presents this association - Once upon a time an elderly lady came upon an injured bird. Taking the bird home with her, she nursed it back to health until one day it flew away. Although the lady thought she'd never see it again, it returned to her house with a Garnet that she put by her bedside. To her surprise, she awoke every night to see it shinning as bright as a torch, illuminating the bird’s gratitude for her kindness.

Although Garnet was the “fashion gem” of the Eighteen and Nineteenth centuries, the inadequacy of available chemical tests often resulted in it being confused with dark ruby. Jewelry set with garnets from Czechoslovakia was particularly admired, and although today the Garnets are mined elsewhere, Bohemian style Garnet Jewelry has retained its popularity.

Color Change Garnets are one of the rarest, interesting and phenomenal of all gemstones. An extremely rare variety of Malaia Garnet, Color Change Garnets are in fact a mixture of Pyrope and Spessartite Garnet