Gem quality Diopside's are mined in Siberia (Russia), Italy, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa and Pakistan. Uzbekistan, located between Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, is becoming an important locality for a variety of Russian Diopside called Tashmarine. This variety has a slightly lower Chromium content than the Siberian material, a less saturated color and can display grey or brown tones. India has the largest deposits of phenomenal Diopside's such as Catís Eye or Star Diopside's. The color of African Diopside tends to be a more yellowish color similar to Peridot.

It is believed that when worn close to the chest (such as in a pendant), is good for your health. People say it aids in circulation giving better vision and helps prevent heart problems. Others will take notice and feel comfort in your presence  allowing for a deeper connection, not only with people, but also with more subtle awareness that is truly something to treasure


Colored Gemstones are now the largest growth sector in the jewelry business