Ametrine is one of the world’s most unusual gemstones in that it is actually two gems in one! Ametrine blends the golden sunburst of Citrine with the purple sunset of Amethyst. The unusual color variation found in Ametrine is due to the presence of iron in different oxidation states within the crystalline structure. Exactly how this comes about is not fully understood.

The world’s only source of Ametrine, the Bolivian Anahi mine became famous in the 17th Century when a Spanish Conquistador received it as a dowry after marrying an Ayoreos princess named Anahi. Ametrine has only been readily available to the consumer market since 1980 when material from the Anahi mine in Bolivia began to appear on the market in larger quantities. Before this it was considered to be quite unusual and was known as Amethyst-Citrine Quartz, Trystine or Golden Amethyst.