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How to care for Silver Rings, Earrings, and Pendants


Silver is a natural material, and reacts with its environment, left in the air and over time silver does become tarnished, and that has been reduced over the years by coating the silver mountings with Rhodium.  So if your silver rings become tarnished what is the best way to clean them? Be careful it’s not always as  simple as placing the tarnished jewelry in a silver cleaning solution.

What you have to be vigilant about is not the silver mounting but the gemstone that is mounted in the ring, pendant or earrings. You can clean your mildly tarnished silver with a sterling silver cleaning solutions but you need to be careful! The dipping solutions while very good at removing tarnish, is equally as effective at removing the colour and polish off some gemstones. A general rule of thumb is not to dip any jewellery with gemstones, the ones that are most affected are porous gemstones such as pearls, turquoise, malachite, lapis lazuli, and white opals. If you are using a dipping solution make sure you clean off any residue in warm soapy water and then dry thoroughly. Silver chains are easily cleaned using a clean solution. I have also used a small brush similar to a tooth brush to clean out any residue that has accumulated in the links of the chain.

An alternative to using a dipping solution is a silver cleaning cloth; this is a quick way to remove traces of tarnish quickly without harming the gemstones. If your piece of jewellery has a very intricate design then a dipping solution would be the best to use.

Most people wear their silver jewellery daily so that can be exposed to external chemicals such as household detergents, hairsprays, and some perfumes. Your own body through perspiration can be a source that creates tarnish. A few simple tips on reducing these tarnish causing elements is to remove silver jewellery before swimming, bathing or working out. When you are going out put your jewellery on last, this will reduce any of the elements that you use for making yourself look great, damaging your silver jewelry.

The correct storing of silver jewelry is also a way to reduce tarnishing, make sure your silver jewellery is stored in a dry and cool area. You can use a tarnish proof cloth to wrap them in or add a small package of Silica Gel granules to the jewelry box.


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Derek Parnell is a Graduate Gemologist (GIA) and can be contacted at Jewels by Truros a division of Truros Corporation.

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