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Care of Pearl Jewelry

The elegance and luster of pearl jewelry cannot be compared with anything. Whether its pearl bracelets or pearl earrings, their prominent glow draws admiration everywhere. Though it's important to purchase the right pearl jewelry which suits you, it's also essential to take proper care of them. After all, they are an essential investment. Their exterior make up is soft in spite of being crystalline and durable. Thus, they can get easily damaged and scratched.

When compared with diamonds, pearls have a softer and more subtle feel. Thus, they need more care and maintenance to enhance their longevity. They are also different to diamonds in terms of origin. The pearls originate from the oysters while the diamonds have evolved after being compacted under the earth's crust for millions of years. The luminous glow of pearls is produced by the pearl's nacre. Due to this very reason, pearls are not compact and hard.

To start with, one should avoid wearing pearl jewelry while indulging into any physical work like exercise and gardening. The accumulated dirt and perspiration would curtail the longevity of the pearl jewelry. It hardly matters, whether its pearl bracelets or necklaces, their use in casual day to day life experiences, should be limited. In spite of the fact that the pearls originate from oceans, they should not be worn while swimming or scuba driving. There are several elements to which pearls are sensitive, thus they should be exposed to the environment in a careful manner.

They should be kept in different containers and away from other jewelry items. They should preferably be kept in soft jewelry pouches or boxes. Dry and air tight environment should be prevented for their storage. If they are worn regularly, they should be re strung, at least, once in a year.

In addition to it, lotions, hair sprays and perfumes have certain elements which can corrode the surface of pearls. It is advisable to wear the jewelry after applying the creams and lotions.

In addition to the several methods of preserving the jewelry, it needs to be cleaned to remove dirt particles. It's advisable to use a clean cloth and soft cloth for this purpose. Pearls are considered auspicious and form a very important part of gift items and wedding occasions. Thus, the entire mission of maintaining them does not lie only on the pearl aficionados. Everyone should be committed to its care.

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