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Buying a Ruby then read this guide
When you hear people talk about the King of Precious Gemstones it is the Ruby. In the ancient language of Sanskrit the Ruby is called ratnaraj, which translated means the King of Precious Stones.

Buying Gemstones or Jewelry On-Line, Great Deals or Buyer Beware
Today as more customers are looking at making purchases on-line and as this trend continues to grow we are seeing many customers who are pleased with their decision and some that are not.

Gemstone Treatments and Disclosure
When you purchase your next gemstone be sure to ask if the gemstone has had any treatments, as this can affect the value and durability of the gemstone. A good jeweler will automatically make this disclosure as part of the sale.

Color Change or Color Shift Gemstones, not knowing the difference can cost you money.
One of the most exciting and interesting gemstones you can buy is one that has color change, Alexandrite is most recognized of these gemstones as it has a dramatic color change depending on your light source.

Caring for and Cleaning your Gemstone Jewelry.
Most gemstones become dull after wearing as residues from your hands, cosmetics and soap build up on them and take away the fire, brilliance and color.

What is Phenomena in Gemstones and how does it impact value?
Have you ever wondered why some gemstones show different and sometimes dazzling effects (phenomena)?

Buying Jewelry for that Special Person in your Life
You don’t know what to buy and where to start, but you do know it has to be something special for that someone special in your life.


Synthetic Gemstones and Imitations

From Synthetic to imitations, these can be either man made or other natural gemstones. For example Red Spinel can imitate Red Ruby, Amethyst can imitate Tanzanite, Garnet can imitate Ruby.



Blue Sapphires, what you need to know before you buy.

When you are looking at Sapphires you might hear the following terms in reference to them, Kashmir, Burmese, Sri Lanka and Ceylon, Pailin, Cambodian, and Australian.



Buying an Emerald. What you should know before you make your purchase.

So what does impact the value of an Emerald? Color and Clarity are two of most important factors when looking at an Emerald.


Diamonds sparkle and display brilliance, but so do diamond stimulants. How to tell the difference.

Most people have heard of synthetic diamonds, these have the same chemical compounds and crystal structures as natural diamonds. Diamond Simulants on the other hand do not have any of the diamonds chemical or physical properties and are made from a wide variety of materials.



Natural or Enhanced Colored Diamonds read this article and find out the difference

Everyone is familiar with the colorless diamonds that we see everyday in wedding, and anniversary rings. They are usually full of fire, brilliance and sparkle as the light hits the diamond at different angles, but did you know there are many other colors that diamonds can come in.



 How to care for Silver Rings, Earrings, and Pendants

Silver is a natural material, and reacts with its environment, left in the air and over time silver does become tarnished, and that has been reduced over the years by coating the silver mountings with Rhodium.  So if your silver rings become tarnished what is the best way to clean them? Be careful it’s not always as  simple as placing the tarnished jewelry in a silver cleaning solution. 


A Ametrine Amethyst Aquamarine Agate  
C Citrine Madeira Citrine Cubic Zirconia Chrysoberyl Calsilica
D Diopside           
E Emerald        
F Fluorite        
G Garnet        
I Intarsia Iolite       
J Jade Jasper       
K Kunzite Kyanite      
L Labradorite         
M Moonstone        
P Peridot Prasiolite Prehnite    
Q Quartz         
R Ruby

S Sapphire Spinel Sunstone    
T Topaz  Tanzanite        
Z Zircon         



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