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.75 Carat Sapphire Blue Mystic Topaz

.75 Carat Sapphire Blue Mystic Topaz
.75 Carat Sapphire Blue Mystic Topaz




This exquisitely cut colourful gemstone above is a Sapphire Blue  Mystic Topaz, Mystic Topaz is one of the hottest gemstones in the industry, Their popularity is due to the many different colors that the individual  gemstones can display, they look striking when set in White or Yellow gold and the gemstone wears extremely well.  

Mystic Topaz  is one of this Century’s most beautiful new gemstones. Mystic Topaz is top quality natural White or Silver Topaz that is color enhanced by the application of a bonded layer coating of fine Titanium atoms. The thin film coating applied to Mystic Topaz is very hard and durable. Mystic Topaz is popular primarily because it displays a wide variety of scintillating Celestial, Earthly and Oceanic hues all in one gemstone. The flaming colors of Mystic Topaz resemble many gemstones such as Alexandrite,  Sapphire,  Ruby, Pink Sapphire, and Canary Diamond. The new process also produces a range of fantastic new colors including Red Topaz, Magenta Topaz, Pink Topaz, Flamingo Topaz, Twilight Topaz, Cornish Blue Topaz, Moonlight Topaz, Canary Topaz, Kiwi Topaz & Neptune Topaz.

Mystic Topaz and its related color varieties ideally complements today’s fashion trends and are increasingly being used by well-known jewelry designers.

.75 Carat Sapphire Blue Mystic Topaz

                                Picture of actual Gemstones                           

Gemstone Mystic Topaz 
Shape Antique Cushion Cut 
Weight .64  Carat
Number of Gemstones 1
Clarity Eye Clean
Inventory Status: Available

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